Worrisome news on the Hobbit front!!

I just learned via theonering.net that Peter Jackson has confirmed the further split of The Hobbit from two to three films. I have to say, while I’m excited to see the movies, I am also getting disgusted and very concerned.

While I trust PJ and co to make an amazing and entertaining movie, evocative of Middle Earth, I am getting more and more concerned by what has been revealed and how mangled the final product will be. Speaking from the experience of the LR films, I know already I’ll probably be back in full swing once the movies start coming out;) Until then I’m trying to withhold judgement. However, these developments have me increasingly on edge and doubtful that these movies will even remotely resemble Tolkien.

On that note, I think I finally have understood something that I last discussed in “Harry Potter: Literary Hog.” About a month ago, an interview with Christopher Tolkien was published online. (http://sedulia.blogs.com/sedulias_translations/2012/07/was-first-felt.html) The interview described Tolkien’s work to curate his father’s writing, as well as safeguard it. I really recommend reading the article, as it can really be an eye opener.

Looking back on it now, I’m almost happy that JRR Tolkien was not firmly tied into the movies by PJ and Co. Ultimately what they created is barely recognizable, and in many ways is just an action thriller in Middle Earth costume. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good movies, and full of great detail, but they still lack the heart of Tolkien’s works.

The Fellowship of the Ring was and is my favorite of the the film trilogy mainly because it works as a film, while remaining almost completely faithful to the book. While not perfect, the majority of the changes made in making this film were due to editing and cutting….NOT (mostly) due to the rewriting. I don’t mind leaving things out and minor tweaks to fill in those holes. I have a problem when things are rewritten, twisted, or added from who knows where: watch TT or RotK. And this is the cause of my worry regarding The Hobbit.

The original idea, as I understand it, for The Hobbit film was to incorporate elements of the Appendices of LotR to flesh out the story and help link it to the film trilogy. That’s okay in my book, and ultimately could justify two films. But three??!! I really don’t know. And the addition of Tauriel and what I’ve heard about Radagast have me on edge.

That being said, the movies are not out yet….so I will wait and hope that my fears are wrong. I know the movies will be awesome, I don’t doubt that. It’s just a matter of whether I will be able to enjoy them later and if they’ll hold up to scrutiny.

I intend to reread The Hobbit before the first movie is released this winter, and hopefully post about that reread….in preparation for a review and analysis of the first film. I am currently plowing my way through The History of Middle Earth series, so you may see some posts on that popping up as well.

As I said, I hope I’m wrong, but any Tolkien fan should be on their guard!


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