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So, I’m sure by now all of you have heard the news about the fate of The Hobbit;  they’ve finally come to an agreement and we’ll have two movies in a couple of years.  Now does the fact that they are making two movies bother anyone else?  I know for myself, and many I’ve talked to, this is a major matter for concern.  According to the “rumor mills,” the second film will deal with the time between the end of The Hobbit and the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.  Granted, Tolkien wrote quite a bit of back story for this time, with many time lines and shorter tales, but can this constitute an entire film?  I don’t know.  I fear the film makers may use the lack of a concrete story to take control and make up their own story.  And, if you want a doom and gloom tale, if it succeeds as such it would lead to a whole trail of “LotR inspired” movies; because we all know how much Hollywood will do to make money…

I still am waffling over whether having Peter Jackson at the helm is a good thing or not.  Yes, his films were beautifully done.  Yes, they were entertaining.  Yes, they portrayed the basic plot of the books.  BUT…as you probably know by now, hopefully having read my previous posts, Peter Jackson and co. mangled much of Tolkien’s masterpiece to the point where it is no longer recognizable.  I think it is good at least that the vision of Middle Earth and the rigor with which they brought it to life will be continued in the new films.  But I cannot help but be wary of what they may produce; especially given the nature of The Hobbit.  It is a light-hearted book.  It does not have the gravitas and epic weight of LotR.  For this reason, I fear any movie maker will take much more dramatic license with it.  We shall see. 


4 thoughts on “A quick comment

  1. Well, we’ll see how badly The Hobbit turns out in 2009, and we’ll see what the heck this “in-between sequel” will be in 2011. Until then… we’ll see.

    I really wonder what they’ll do with Rivendell; it’s so different in The Hobbit book compared to what they did in the LotR movies… will they keep continuity with the LotR movies at the expense of the book?

  2. I’ve just to read about the The Hobbit movies and I think in a similar way… i’m not sure if the directors can turn the book into film follow the essence. Moreover if The Hobbit is quite simple related to the epic and drama in LOTR… Well, I found your blog just surfing around tags about Tolkien, great Blog!!. If i can i’d like to add it to my BlogRoll.
    A warm embrace from this southern land.

  3. 2 movies does seem an odd choice; of course I think the Hobbit is unfilmable like LotR. (Not that I didn’t enjoy the LotR movies but I was wondering often what text they were reading and really think they missed the whole point of the book, cf. the new plotline of Aragon’s sword, also the original intent to have Arwen a fighting elf, and the original intent to have Aragon fight Sauron himself in front of the black gate.) On the other hand, I did like the cartoon version of the hobbit, but I doubt Jackon’s version will have that levity.

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