Try me


Here’s your chance.  Is there something about Lord of the Ring’s or any of Tolkien’s works that you’ve wondered about?  Are there ideas and concepts of particular meaning to you that you’d like me to write about?  Or are there differences between the books and the movies that particularly irk you?  Here’s your opportunity. 

My current list of projected posts ideas has a healthy number of ideas, but I thought it would be interesting to see if there is anything in particular any of you readers would like me to touch upon.  If you have an idea, just post it as a comment to this post.  If I like your idea I’ll get to work, and do some research and we’ll see what I come up with!


5 thoughts on “Try me

  1. Hmmm…this could be very interesting. Here’s my thing.

    Did Haldir actually die in the books? (I don’t recall reading about such an event…but then, it’s been so long since I read the books….) If not, then WHY would PJ kill him?!

  2. Alright… you asked! lol
    I’ve always wondered where Wizards come from. I think that it might be interesting if you’d help me out on that one.
    Also, I think it might be interesting if you talked about the similarities between the creation of elves and the world by Iluvatar to Tolkien’s own faith.
    I’m also a christian, so I’ve noticed MANY things that compare to the chrisitan view of creation…
    anyway, just some ideas!

  3. ok i got a question werd u get the ideas for such a book like hobbits and evreything wats with that are they made up or wat soure were they tooken from

  4. My question would be; what do you make of how the Lord of the Rings is a combination of originally separate worlds of the Hobbit and the Silmarillion? I love Tolkien’s works, but I always find it strange how these two were combined. Basically; is it conceivable that he would have been better off keeping them separate, and if not, why was it good that he combined them? It’s true we wouldn’t have LotR if he hadn’t, but I’m sure we would have had something equally impressive set only in the Hobbit world or (more likely) in Beleriand.

  5. Unless I’m mistaken, Gandalf tells Frodo in the beginning (when Frodo is 50, rather than 33) to travel by day (in the movie). However, in the book, the three of them spontaneously start walking in the moonlight.

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