The amazing Truth of Charlotte’s Web

I saw the live action film version of Charlotte’s Web today.  EB White’s book was one of my favorites growing up, I loved the animated movie too.  However, this more recent version delves deeper into the soul of the matter.  It is an incredibly moving portrayal, full of inspirational truth. 

One line particularly struck me.  It’s when the doctor says, “The miracle is the web.”  Yesterday I wrote about the misconceived definition of escapism.  About a month ago I wrote about the lure of fantasy.  Both posts are about the existance of miracles everywhere, if we but look for them.  How often have you heard the expression “stop and smell the roses?”  It is the same. 

Fantasy, fiction, Tolkien, CS Lewis, EB White…each reinvigorate the world, each opens our eyes to the boundless wonder of life.


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