Why I do what I do

Why do I bother with these posts?  Why complain about movies that have been out for years?

To me, the answer is simple: for the love of Tolkien’s works.  While the movies can be breath-taking and exciting, they are also riddled with flaws and blatant misinterpretations of the text.  I don’t “rant and rave” to complain, rather I try to express the shortcomings of the films in a logical, pseudo-scholarly way to (hopefully) heighten awareness and enjoyment of the books.  Everywhere too much focus and energy is spent on the films.  My hope is to redirect that focus back to the origin: Tolkien’s work.

Also, I’ve found, in writing these posts and planning future ones, that maintaining this blog requires me to think more deeply about Tolkien’s writings; often leading to new and intriguing observations.  The Lord of the Rings is so full of meaning, themes and ideas.  Thinking deeply about it deeply reveils new insights, which reawaken the excitement and novelty of the books.  Too often, I and others, read solely for enjoyment.  For most novels, this is enough; and it can be as well for Lord of the Rings.  However, in reading Tolkien deeply, new vistas open, new treasures are found, intricacies and beauties reveiled.   For me, Tolkien’s work only gets better in the rereading and rereading and study.

As an update:  I have yet to begin another true post.  The new semester begins next week, so I’ll probably decrease my posts to about once a week.  I hope any of you reading have enjoyed my posts and found new wonders in Tolkien’s work.


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