The Strength of Faramir

As most people will and have said, the worst sin of The Lord of the Rings films is Faramir, aka Boromir’s clone.  In The Two Towers film, Faramir is essentially a clone of Borromir.  In the Ring, all he sees is the power to protect his people; a weapon with which to fight Sauron.  He is harsh, almost bordering on cruel.  He is also quite hasty and unwise.  The majesty and honor his of Numenorian blood is lost.  Like Borromir, he is drawn to the Ring, wishing to take it for his own.  He shows no wisdom, no understanding of its evil, no understanding of tact or care.  He is utterly callous.

This “Faramir” is unrecognizable.

The true Faramir is honorable, and just.  He is wise.  He understands the need for caution.  He has some knowledge of “Isildur’s Bane” and its dangers.  He tells Frodo, before even knowing what he has, that he would never take the Ring from him.  And when he finds out what great power, and corruption, is within his grasp he keeps his word.  He helps Frodo.  He lets him go.  He shows mercy.  None of these qualities is shown in the film’s pseudo-Faramir.  That Faramir is a travesty to behold.


4 thoughts on “The Strength of Faramir

  1. This was a change that I was very upset with because after reading the books, Faramir had distiguished himself as one of my favorite characters. To see the film portray him as it did was a tragic loss, especially because in destroying his character, they also manage to completely disrupt the flow of the story.

  2. Didn’t know anyone was still commenting on this but I watched it for about the 10th time and still cannot stomach Faramir. Whoever created this Faramir version ought to be thrown into Mt. Doom. He is not a clone of Boromir–he’s worse! He shows no mercy whatsoever to anyone, especially Gollum, which is absolutely the opposite of how he is in the book. Faramir has already made the decision to take the Ring to his father. It is only the intervention of the Nazgul and the near-handing of the Ring to it by Frodo, then Frodo’s near killing of his faithful servant, Sam, that finally convinces this block-headed Faramir to set the hobbits free. Sam’s words that Faramir has “shown your qualities, sir…the very highest” are completely laughable. Even Faramir’s gentle parting words to the hobbits to “Go with the goodwill of all Men” are sandwiched between needless chokings of Gollum. As impressive as Peter Jackson’s work on the Lord of the Rings has been, the mangling of the Faramir character is completely unforgivable. I don’t know how any one of the actors or other persons involved in the creation of the film who knew anything about the book could have allowed the creation of this character.

  3. Oh, how true this post and its comments are! I was so upset with what they did to Faramir. He’s supposed to be the opposite of his brother, not a near-exact copy! Tolkien wrote him for a reason, and that was to continue the whole “All that is gold does not glitter” theme that runs through the trilogy. I read Peter Jackson’s justifications for the changes, and I still don’t see how anyone who has read and enjoyed the books could think that the character mutilation that they pulled is okay.

  4. Thanks for the Comment.
    There were a lot of changes PJ and co made and attempted to explain and thankfully some horrifying changes that never made it to the final cut…like the appearance of Sauron at the black gate in the end.
    Faramir’s change is a total slap in the face to all his character stands for. Watching his scenes in TT puts a bad taste in my mouth. This is why to this day I cannot bring myself to watch it again. Most times I have, I will skip this segment of the movie all together or turn it off.

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