I must be an artist

We just got back from my Grandmother’s birthday party.  I had drawn her a picture and framed it.  She didn’t actually open it while we were there, but she called basically the minute we walked in the door.  Apparently, they have been arguing over there about where it comes from.  They thought I must have bought it in Italy when I was there last year….must think it’s good, eh?  lol

As for my LotR expose 😉 ;)…It will continue in time.  I’m almost done with this reread of the book (I think the 8th…).  Eventually I will force myself to watch the movies over again and make a list of all its various deviations…we’ll see how far I go with this. 

Ideas for my own writing are just simmering right now…I’ll try getting something on paper later this week.


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